Our bodies contain our histories – every chapter, line and verse of every event and relationship in our lives…

– Caroline Myss –

We carry with us in the language of our body how we feel, what blocks us, if we are doing well, or struggling. And many of us forget to listen to what our body is telling us, or have learned not to listen to the body. And if we refuse to listen to the whispers of the body, the body has to speak louder, until the body has to shout. Is it not better to pay attention to these signals before bigger problems arise, so you can prevent these from happening?

And when we do want to change our thinking, or our patterns of behaviour, the body is still essential. Focus on your body. A lot of information travels through the vagus nerve from body to brain, and vice versa. However, 80% of the vagal fibers are afferent, these carry information from body to brain. Only 20%, the remaining, are efferent, and carry information the other direction – from brain to body. Imagine it as a big road of information, but four lanes go in one direction, from the body, and only one lane, goes from the brain. If you want to make change in your life, it is crucial to overcome the artificial separation between body and mind!

In the sessions, we make use of the body to examine both conscious levels and levels of awareness that are unconscious or semi-conscious. Body awareness allows us to look at old patterns. Do they still serve you? The signals of your body are approached as sources of valuable information.

Bioenergetics, as a bodily practice, serves to resolve emotional problems and promote more potential for pleasure and joy in living.

How can we be present? How can we make contact, with ourselves?

Various techniques to work with body and mind may be employed. Movement, meditations, using objects in the space as representations, and breathwork sessions are some examples. Based on your unique body, character, personality and focus, we explore what works for you.

Together, we see what your body wants and needs in order to find a new balance in life. The goal is for you to be able to regulate yourself and follow patterns of behaviour that work for you, so you can enjoy your vitality!

Location and Costs


I work in and nearby Amsterdam, in Noord. Online sessions, subject to conditions and discussion, may be possible as well.


A session takes about 75 minutes, up to a maximum of 1.5 hours. The intake session is free.

A session costs € 35 (incl. VAT). I work with clients under supervision of my training institute (Bodymind Opleidingen). This is why sessions are offered at a reduced rate. Reimbursement within the health insurance system is not possible at this time.

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me.